our mission

Spirit of Joy is a community where lives are transformed by the love of Jesus!

Who We Are

Spirit of Joy is a community where lives are transformed by the love of Jesus. We began our ministry as a mission church in 1985 and moved into our current building in 1991. We have four core values: Worship, Inclusion, Community, and Service. What we mean when we hold up worship as a value is we are rooted in the ancient traditions of the Church while also being comprehensible to people in our current time and place. Inclusion means all are welcome, and at Spirit of Joy all mean all! Community means this is a place where no one ever needs to cry alone. Service means we exist for the sake of our members, our city, and our world. We are a part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; to learn more, click here.

Statement of Welcome

When we break bread together at Spirit of Joy, we like to say, “This is God's table, not ours.” We believe this invitation and theology extend to everything we do inside and outside our church building.

All are welcome!

We welcome the LGBTQ+ community as well as those of any  nation, age, ability,  ethnicity, belief, economic class, gender and others who have been hurt, estranged, or made to feel outside the family of God. We remember that what holds us together is not uniformity of thought, doctrine, race, gender, sexual orientation, or politics, but the grace of God.

Staff and Leadership

David Ryder  Pastor   Dave@sojoyfc.org

David Ryder


Worship and Music Director - Elijah Perdomo
Email - Elijah@sojoyfc.org

Kids of Joy Superintendent - Amber Mornes
(Sunday School)
Email - Amber@sojoyfc.org

Youth Team Intern - Kyra Jensen
Email - Kyra@sojoyfc.org

Administrative Assistant - Lisa Irvine
Email - Lisa@sojoyfc.org

Office Manager - Nancy McNair
Email - Nancy@sojoyfc.org

Accompanist - Donna Lewis

Custodian - Tammy Lavergne

Nursery Attendants - Abby Foster, Lauren Gouldey, Kaeli Hopler, Jada Mornes, Emily Winn


Contact us

4501 South Lemay Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 223-5303